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Who they are

The BC Community Drug Utilization Program (BC CDUP) is an internationally recognized academic detailing program aimed at assisting physicians in selecting the most appropriate and cost effective drug therapy for their patients. The BC CDUP is managed by the Pharmacy Department at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, British Columbia and is funded by the provincial Pharmacare program.  The BC CDUP services the communities of North Vancouver and West Vancouver (known locally as the North Shore).


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1. to provide objective comparative drug information to physicians in North and West Vancouver (North Shore) encourage the use of therapeutically equivalent, less expensive medications in appropriate patients.

3. to reduce drug expenditures on the North Shore.

4. reduce over use of antibiotics by providing antibiotics information to the public

5. facilitate the safe sale of prescriptions drugs online.




The program was established in August 1993 because of concerns regarding the rapid increase in drug expenditures. However, BC CDUP's focus has always been to promote appropriate and rationale drug therapy. Drug therapy topics are selected in consultation with physicians to ensure that program is meeting the educational needs of the physicians in the region.

Welcome to the British Columbia Community Drug Utilization Program's (CDUP) w ebsite.


The program's clinical pharmacist researches each drug therapy topic. The information is summarized into a 2-4 page newsletter (the review) highlighting the comparative efficacy, safety, and costs of the drugs.  Each issue of the review is reviewed by a local medical specialist prior to its distribution to physicians and pharmacists in the North Shore region. Following distribution of the review, the programís pharmacist conducts a 15-30 minute academic detailing session with participating family practice physicians.  

Academic Detailing

"Academic detailing", also known as educational outreach, is an educational technique adopted from the pharmaceutical industry's practice of 'detailing' physicians about new drugs.  Pioneered by Stephen Soumerai and Jerry Avorn in the USA, academic detailing involves having a health professional (either a physician or pharmacist) visit physicians at their offices and discuss therapeutic issues in an effort to influence or change the physician's prescribing practices. Academic detailing has been shown to be one of the most successful methods for influencing the prescribing practices of physicians.

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